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2022 Events in La Quinta CA

La Quinta is a colorful and vibrant community and throughout the year there are plenty of events to keep all members of the family entertained. From fairs to car meets, and programs to boost our desire to learn, there’s never a dull moment in La Quinta. Here is just a quick neighborhood guide to some events in the area.

2022 Events in La Quinta CA

The Street Fair at College of the Desserts

Summer Season 7 AM to 12 PM
The Street Fair is a great way to start a Saturday or Sunday in La Quinta. There’s a market where all manner of interesting vendors sell a range of goods from clothing to furniture. Of course, there’s a range of gourmet food available too. While you shop, take in the entertainment that always comes with the market.

La Quinta Cars and Coffee

Every Saturday 7 AM to 9:45 AM
Do you like cars? Do you like coffee? If the answer to both is yes and you’re near the Aspen Mills Bakery in La Quinta, come and enjoy the great cars on display and the great coffee to be had. There’s a strong sense of camaraderie with like minded people just enjoying their motors, the sunshine, and a great breakfast. All motors are welcome, but of course, the more eye-catching, the better.

The Summer Reading program

One of the more interesting events for 2022 is the summer reading initiative of La Quinta Library which has a great set of programs for kids, teens, and adults. Visitors of all ages will be able to explore something new and develop a greater appreciation of material off the beaten track.

21st of June 3:30 AM to 4:30 PM
As part of the Summer Reading Program, La Quinta Library will be hosting Salton Sea Science at LA Quinta Library. This is a free event where teens from 13-17 are encouraged to come and learn about the Salton Sea and what lies beneath its waves. Included will be presentations of actual field research and activities with sea water from Salton Sea and sediment from the sea bed. It’ll be a wonderful way to introduce inquisitive minds to the natural world that immediately surrounds them. The event will be run by Charlie Diamond and Caroline Hung. You can register for the event by calling 760.564.4767.

22nd of June 11:15 AM to 11:55
The library will also host a Summer Storytime session for younger kids from the age of 2-7. This will be a continuous drive to open the children to the power of stories and to help them form a healthy desire to read for themselves. Of course, the books to be read will be age appropriate, exciting and read by storytellers who can really bring a book to life.

30th June 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
A wonderful way for adults to learn more about the local history is to join the Agua Caliente 101 session. This will be hosted by the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, so guests will be sure to get the inside knowledge of the true history of the area.

There are many more programs set on different days. For a full view of what’s available head on down to La Quinta’s event site.

These are just three of a seemingly endless number of activities and events that happen year round in La Quinta.

If you’re thinking about moving to La Quinta and would like a more in-depth neighborhood guide, contact Kathleen O’Keefe Galigher at 760.567.7822 or leave a message here.