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Air conditioning tips to combat heat in La Quinta, CA

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With extreme temperatures now becoming the norm, air conditioners in La Quinta, CA homes are likely to have had unprecedented usage as well. To make sure your AC continues to operate optimally, we’ve compiled a list of air conditioning tips to help you fight the searing heat.

  • Pre-program your air conditioner
  • Turn it on remotely half an hour before going home, so you can keep cool the minute you arrive. ACs function best when kept on for extended periods of time.  

  • Raise the thermostat
  • Turn up the thermostat to the highest level. While this sounds counterintuitive, your AC works harder every time you lower the temperature.  So set the temperature at 75 to 78 degrees, which is hardly frigid, but comfortable. Take note, ACs only reduce temperature by around 15 to 25 degrees. 

  • Take care of your unit
  • An efficient air conditioner will give you years of service and minimize power bills. So remove corrosive salt that harms your unit’s aluminum coils.  This hampers the unit’s efficiency and ability to cool your room. The air conditioner unit may even shut down completely.

    Make sure intake and outtake pipes are not blocked. If you’re a heavy AC user, change filters monthly to prevent molds.  Keep aluminum coils and compressor dirt free by quickly scrubbing them.  This will allow your unit to cool the air faster.

  • Upgrade your air conditioning unit
  • Like most systems, ACs deteriorate as they age. Their power and efficiency suffer. So if your AC system is 10 years old, upgrade components or replace your unit with a new one.

  • Keep it away from the sun if needed
  • An AC is built to withstand all weather conditions – rains, hailstorms, and high heat. However, outside temperatures do affect how hard your AC works. If you think you need to keep your AC away from direct sunlight, make sure the shade you provide is extensive enough to cool the surrounding air of the outdoor unit of your HVAC. Otherwise, there’s no need to take this step.

  • Find your center 
  • For wall-mounted units, position them in a central area of the room. In the bedroom, find the longer wall. For best results, consult a technician. 

  • Keep it on 
  • ACs function best when turned on for longer periods.  Keep your unit on when you’re stepping out for 30 minutes to an hour.  This saves energy by keeping you from re-starting the AC, which has to work faster to keep the area cool.

  • Turn on the fan for larger rooms
  • Larger space cools faster and better when you turn on the fan next to the AC.  The fan will help move cool air over a big space to reach more areas.

  • Call the expert for repairs
  • Reach out to an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) technician if you notice a leak, sudden reduction in cooling power, and other issues. 

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