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Choosing Between a Condo and a House

woman deciding which property to buy, a condo or a house

Your finances are in order, you’re pre-approved for a mortgage, and despite the hard times brought about by the ongoing pandemic, your sources of income are still stable. You are more than ready to buy a new abode, and you choose the lovely city of La Quinta, CA to settle in. But among the wealth of homes and condos for sale in the area, which will be the right fit for you?

Here’s a guide to help you out in your selection:

Buy a condo if…

  • Exterior maintenance is not your thing

    Owning a condo means never having to mow your lawn and fix leaking roofs. Everything on the outside, including shared spaces and amenities, is managed by the homeowners’ association. All you have to do is to regularly pay for the HOA fees. This saves you money and gives you more time to enjoy the nicer things in life.

  • You like special amenities

    One of the biggest perks of living in a condo is the incredible amenities that you won’t usually find in most single-family homes. For example, a typical condo in La Quinta, CA comes with exclusive access to swimming pools, recreation rooms, and clubhouses. The deluxe resort condos may even have valets and in-house fitness facilities. This means you get to enjoy resort-style living every day.

  • You like living close to neighbors

    Walls are the only things separating you from other condo unit owners, so expect to see them often. If you are not bothered by the close proximity of neighbors, then you will enjoy condo living. In fact, being this close to your fellow unit owners allows for a more tightly knit bond among you.

Buy a house if…

  • You want your own land

    Owning a home means living in an environment with much more elbow room than a condo. With all that space surrounding your home, you allow yourself more privacy and fewer chances of getting bothered by next-door neighbors’ noise seeping through the walls. If you have a growing family, your kids will have a safe space to play in.

  • You want more flexibility

    If you are into making your space truly your own, you can decorate your home using a customized color palette, among other things. This is something you cannot do in a condo without the HOA’s permission. You can also go all the way and renovate an entire area of your home the way you like it.

    The same goes for living arrangements. While condos set a limit to who and how many can live in a unit, you’re free to let anyone live with you in your house.

  • You’re ready to take on maintenance responsibilities

    Condo unit owners rely on the HOA for upkeep, maintenance, and repair services of shared areas and amenities. You might still have that privilege if you decide to live in an exclusive gated community. But for homes outside these said communities, all these responsibilities fall on your shoulders. It’s not all bad, though – you get the opportunity to upgrade and select your preferred materials or fixtures. You can also choose the service provider to do maintenance and repairs for you.

Still need help on choosing whether to buy a condo or a house? Let me help you. I’m Kathleen O’ Keefe Galigher, one of the top Realtors in La Quinta, and I can show you a great selection of homes and condos in the area. Call me today at 760.567.7822 or send me a note here.