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Home Selling: How to improve your home’s curb appeal

Ideas to raise property value

Make a good first impression on guests and potential buyers with an outstanding and striking exterior. Here are some tips on how to improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its value to make it more attractive to buyers:

Enhance the look of your porch

One of the easiest ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal is by decorating your porch. Make guests and homebuyers feel immediately at home when they step up to your front door. Add plants, a doormat, a wreath, an updated porch light, or repaint your front door. You can also opt to add outdoor furniture (think of wicker chairs, chair swings, hammock chairs, or benches) to make your home more inviting. Just make sure to find something that complements the theme and exterior color of your home.

Maintain a lush, green, and well-manicured lawn

Now that your porch is looking fantastic, the next thing you need to check is your lawn. Your lawn is one of the first things that neighbors, passersby, and prospective buyers will notice, so you want your lawn to be neat and attractive. Check if there are any brown or dead spots and seed those bare areas. You can also add some flowers of your choice or build a nice garden (if you don’t have one) alongside your turf. Don’t have a green thumb? Call the landscapers in your area for regular maintenance of your flowerbeds.

Create a well-defined pathway to your front door

You don’t want your guests to be trudging through the grass just to get to your front door. Create a pathway using paver stones, stepping stones, or bricks and ensure that they are securely in place. You can also line your pathway with shrubs as additional touches to improve overall curb appeal.

Light up your exterior

Quickly update the look of your home and amplify your curb appeal by installing new light fixtures. Just keep in mind that when buying new fixtures for your house, you have to consider not only the style but the function as well. Look at lights that will properly illuminate your porch, entryway, driveway, or front lawn. Not only do they make the house look cozy and welcoming at night, exterior lights can also be a security feature (a motion sensor light, floodlights, spotlights) – a definite plus for buyers.

Add new and eye-catching house numbers

Update your house numbers if they’ve become weatherworn. In California, house numbers are required to have a height of at least four inches (or six inches if the house is between 36 to 50 feet from the road). Look for modern house numbers made from brass, aluminum, or steel for an eye-catching look.

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