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How to Choose a Child-friendly Home

a happy family enjoying their first day in their house

When you are starting to build a family and looking for a home, you must also consider the kids. There are houses constructed for adults, while there are houses designed for children too. Since kids explore, experiment, and play, it would be helpful if the environment is safe and appropriate for them. There are several factors to consider when buying a house in la quinta ca real estate.

Before purchasing a house, here are some of the child-friendly home features you should look for:

Security of the House

For some people, fences or CCTVs are not their top priority. But for parents, one thing they need to ensure is the level of security. Fences can also provide privacy and peace of mind. It is also perfect for families with pets.

If you want to stroll the kids or if they want to learn how to ride bikes, you also need to look for safe sidewalks. This way, the kids can get around the neighborhood without security risks. Kathleen O’Keefe Galigher can assist you in your quest for child-friendly home.

Flexible Floor Plan

Nowadays, flexible floor plans have been common in home designing and construction. This layout is cost-effective and smart because it allows you to change the house in the future easily. Plus, it also gives ample space for the family and enough supervision. While you are doing the household chores, you can check them.

As a parent, you should also consider the bedrooms. If they are still young, it would be best if they are near your bedroom. If they are in their teenage or puberty, they can have a separate big room.

In a flexible floor plan, you can also easily integrate a playroom or study room. At the same time, you can monitor them while you are preparing meal or cleaning the house.

Closed Storage and Kid’s Counter

Allow the children to have their space. This way, they will not bother you while you do your work. Moreover, they can be creative while at home. Make sure that the countertops are durable and reliable.

Another thing you should consider is the storage. Most children, eat anything they grab. It would be better if the storages cannot be accessed by the kids.

Nearby Schools

As you look for a house, you also need to search for quality schools near the area.

Even if the kids are still infants, it can be easier to enroll them in a good school if it is within the location. Most parents or newlyweds don’t think about this matter. However, when the time comes they need to go to school, it would be challenging to transfer to another location.

Create Space for Children

Searching for a house is challenging, especially for a new family. There are things you need to consider before buying to ensure the safety and accessibility for the family. Fortunately, Kathleen O’Keefe Galigher helps people to find homes for sale in La Quinta Ca.