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Myths About Real Estate Agents: Debunked!

Real Estate Agent

Common misconceptions abound about real estate agents, just like with professionals in many other fields. These preconceived ideas are typically unfounded and unfair.

In case you are hesitant to hire a real estate agent for your impending home sale or purchase because of these common myths, this blog will put your mind at ease and convince you that working with a professional is still the best, most sensible way to go.

Here are six common, misleading myths that you can completely forget about.

  1. All real estate agents are cut from the same cloth
  2. A common pitfall among inexperienced homebuyers and sellers is thinking that all real estate agents are the same, so hiring just any licensed professional in the local area will suffice.

    The truth is that every real estate agent is different because each one comes from a particular background, including formal, specialized education and training, as well as experiences that have shaped their opinions, insights, and strategies toward the business.

    Finding an agent that matches your needs, interests, and even personality is a key ingredient in pulling off a successful real estate transaction.

  3. You can’t trust an agent because they’re only after a hefty commission
  4. A cynical view of real estate professionals says that agents will say anything to make a sale so they can quickly collect their commission and move on to the next client.

    This is simply not true for any top-producing agent worth their salt. Reputable agents always prioritize the service aspect of the real estate business.

  5. You can’t count on any real estate agent to be on time
  6. Real estate agents are trained, licensed, and experienced professionals. They know better than to waste anyone’s time, especially that of their clients.

  7. Selling your home without an agent will bag you more money
  8. If you think that marking your property “For Sale by Owner” will allow you to save more money by skipping any commissions or fees, better think again. You might actually lose more money this way.

    An experienced local expert can guide you through every step of the home selling process, from pricing your property, to negotiating toward the ideal final price, closing, and everything else in between.

  9. Agents earn from partner lenders, inspectors, and title companies
  10. Ease up on any suspicions about your agent’s preferred partners, vendors, and contractors. The agent gains nothing from recommending them, other than strengthening their local professional connections. The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act has been prohibiting kickbacks between real estate agents and their vendor partners since 1974.

  11. Resources on the internet are enough for my real estate transaction needs
  12. With online platforms like Zillow, Trulia,, and many others becoming more prominent, some might be inclined to believe that hiring a real estate agent is no longer necessary. While it’s true that these websites feature robust tools and services, they still cannot compare to the dedicated service, market-specific expertise, and direct in-person interaction that an agent can provide.

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