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New Ways To Buy a House Using Technology

Housing Technology

Buying the house of your dreams is easier now than ever before, thanks to the convergence of modern technology and the expertise of local real estate agents.

We’re not just talking about logging onto Zillow, Trulia, or to kickstart a meticulous home search. The real estate industry’s relationship with technology grew by leaps and bounds just in 2020, largely because of the restrictive impact of the coronavirus outbreak on face-to-face interactions.

Virtual open houses and home showings

The rapid spread of COVID-19 in early 2020 threw a monkey wrench into how modern business was conducted, and real estate was not spared. Fortunately, real estate professionals bounced back quickly by adapting various technological tools that were already commonly used and easily accessible by their clients and partners.

The emergence of the virtual home showing in recent months is a clear and emphatic example. Responding to restrictions meant to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, real estate agents combined their refined property selling skills with the increasingly popular video chat features of smartphones and social media platforms.

Because face-to-face meetings and home tours were prohibited by area-wide lockdown orders, Realtors turned to virtual tours instead. By now, real estate agents have adapted and have mastered the skill of conducting home showings through real-time video calls.

Not only has this innovation enabled agents and homebuyers to move forward in their transactions despite the limitations posed by the pandemic, it is also expanding homebuying opportunities for all parties.

Buyers based in other cities or states can now experience a thorough and immersive preview of a property they’re interested in, even while they’re just sitting cozily on their couch at home. Unlike pre-recorded video tours, virtual showings give buyers the opportunity to have their questions and concerns being addressed by agents in real-time, enabling buyers to make more informed decisions with confidence.

Virtual signings and applications

Home tours are not the only things that have gone virtual in recent months. Also forced to adapt to restrictions on face-to-face meetings and interactions, companies that handle essential paperwork and contracts are also embracing digital alternatives to the traditional pen-and-paper signings. This is a huge leap ahead of the similarly effective, but considerably low-tech curbside signings that became a regular practice earlier in the year.

Now, homebuyers can follow a streamlined process online, beginning with their home search all the way to applying for a mortgage, getting a property appraisal, having key documents notarized, and even signing closing documents to complete their purchase.

Social media’s ever-growing role in the real estate process

It’s also hard to ignore the impact of social media in the modern real estate process. By sheer popularity alone, their reach and influence have enabled platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to evolve into viable platforms that improve the homebuying experience. Because practically everyone scrolls down a social media feed using a handheld device these days, one’s dream home can literally be at their fingertips at any given moment.

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