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What You Need to Know When Buying a Home in a Golf Community

Golf Course

Some of the finest pieces of La Quinta, CA real estate that you can make your own are the gorgeous estates built in the city’s verdant golf communities. If you are setting your sights on buying one of these exquisite luxury homes, keep these seven important things in mind:

There’s a lot more to enjoy than just golf

Golf course homes fetch a pretty penny for good reason: you’re not just buying a beautiful house, but also for an array of incredible experiences that define the luxury lifestyle. A great way to choose the ideal golf home is to look at different golf course communities in your area and compare the bonus amenities that they offer—from the clubhouse and its in-house restaurants to the other sports facilities and recreational options that you can enjoy.

The privacy and beautiful surroundings will improve your health

Outstanding views are part of the package when you buy a luxurious golf home. With sprawling landscapes, fresh air, and the soothing sounds of nature all around you, you’re in a more relaxed and comfortable environment and your physical health, as well as mental and emotional disposition, will benefit greatly.

The exact location of your house in the golf community will matter greatly

While living in a golf community seems like a great idea in every way, you must also choose the exact location of your home with care. If you don’t want the sound of mowers, sprinklers, or the loud crack of powerful drives waking you up in the morning, choose a house located a bit further away from the greens and fairways. It’s a great way to protect your home from wayward golf balls, too.

Some of the best homes might not even be listed

Selling properties privately is common in luxury real estate circles, especially when high-profile or ultra-high net worth owners are involved. Don’t miss out on excellent, off-market homes for sale by consulting a well-connected real estate agent who has ties with the golf community of your choice.

Keep resale value in mind when you choose a home

Evaluating the future value of the property is one of the most critical considerations when buying any luxury home, even if you’re planning to keep the house in your family for generations. The value of a golf property is an indicator of the quality of life that this home and the surrounding community can offer.

Learn about the HOA and its regulations

Be a responsible homeowner and get familiar with the homeowners’ association that governs your golf community. Learn about the dues they regularly charge, the regulations they implement, and their manner of doing business with homeowners. Your enjoyment depends greatly on the rules and guidelines that your HOA sets in place.

There are real estate agents who specialize in golf course homes

Golf homes are a special type of luxury real estate, so make sure that you look for an agent who is well-versed in dealing with these highly coveted properties.

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