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2022 home improvement trends

Outdoor space with a swing

Outdoor space is at a premium

The pandemic has changed the real estate landscape by shifting attention from the office to the home. The new work-from-home lifestyle has added requirements to a typical residence. It has made multi-purpose rooms, sustainable areas, outdoor space, and home offices a must.

Here are home improvement trends we’ll see in 2022.

  1. Sustainable features and energy efficiency
  2. The focus is on sustainable materials like bamboo or cork. Repurposed flooring is becoming more popular. Recycled steel slidings and glass are in vogue. In the 2022 REALTORS® and Sustainability Report, 63% of surveyed agents found it valuable to promote energy efficiency in their listings, while 51% said that their clients were interested in sustainability.

  3. Safety features
  4. More time at home means raising the safety bar several notches higher. This has increased the demand for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units equipped with “whole house” air filtration. More people are appreciating antimicrobial tiles as safety measures.

    These safety concerns extend to homes accommodating the elderly who are now living with their grown-up children. Expect to see more roll-in showers, grab bars, no-slip flooring, adjustable racks, and others.

    Meanwhile, more and more people would like to have backup generators. The market for generators is predicted to grow by nearly 6% in 2026.

  5. Multi-purpose space and furniture
  6. Rooms that double as study areas and work areas that accommodate Zoom meetings and offer comfortable seating remain on trend. Multiple central charging stations are musts.

    The multi-purpose mindset extends to furniture like convertible desks and home office sofas that double as day beds.

  7. Spacious bathrooms
  8. More family time means the need for more bathroom space. The solution lies in built-in bathroom cabinets for more storage. Deep vessel sinks and improved lighting are musts.

  9. More outdoor space
  10. The rising demand in 2021 for more outdoor space is expected to continue in 2022, as homeowners turn to patios, decks, backyards, and outdoor kitchens and gardens to escape the grind of being glued to screens all day.

    Today’s outdoor kitchen allows homeowners to prep and cook meals without stepping indoors. This is making outdoor grills and tables as popular as ever.

  11. Home office
  12. Having a desk by day and a dinner table at night can only go so far. The same can be said for multi-purpose rooms that are open to all. Thus, extra bedrooms and unused areas around the house are being converted into work areas or home offices. Renovations to extend the home in order to accommodate new uses are also being undertaken.

  13. Transition rooms and spaces
  14. Areas that let you transition from the outdoors to the indoors are becoming more important. This means mudrooms or drop zones with lots of space for storing shoes and coats, deep sinks or wash areas for pets, and even showers for their humans.

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