Family-friendly Activities to Beat the Heat in La Quinta This 2023

Family-friendly Activities to Beat the Heat in La Quinta This 2023

Enjoy the summer months with the whole family while finding ways to beat the sweltering heat with these cool things to do in La Quinta, CA this summer.

Foam Water Table

You’ll find these foam water tables in the market but you can actually make one at home. It only takes a few ingredients: water, tear-free bubble bath soap, and a kiddie-sized table. Blend the water and soap until it has a relatively stiff, foamy consistency. Once blended, just spread the mix onto the table and let the kids have a go at it.

Water Balloon Toss

The trick in this yard activity is not to get wet – which is relatively impossible.

Make the kids fill dozens of balloons with water then split the family members into pairs.

This activity challenges each family member to catch and toss these water balloons, making sure that they don’t burst in their hands. For an extra challenge, try playing the game blindfolded!

Go Swimming

Take the family out for a refreshing dip in any of La Quinta’s popular pools! Everyone can enroll in the various classes under the Fritz Burns Pool’s aquatic program or go for a hip staycation at the La Quinta Resort & Club which boasts a whopping 41 pools, with views of the majestic Santa Rosa Mountains.

Splash Pads

A terrific alternative to swimming pools, splash pads are interactive play areas that spray water on users. Since there’s no standing water involved here, there’s virtually no chance of drowning in these watery playgrounds. Slather some sunscreen and head to the nearby splash pads at La Quinta Park, Adams Park, and the Palm Desert Aquatic Center.

Ice Excavation

Ice isn’t just for cooling down drinks on hot summer days but also for fun games with the kids. This concept only requires you to freeze a bunch of items (plastic toys, nice-looking rocks, etc.) in ice then give these ice blocks to the kids with the aim to get to the items in the ice. They could pour warm water or salt on the ice or pound at it with a toy hammer. Children will have a blast figuring out which among the approaches will allow them to get to the toys fastest.

DIY Slip-and-Slide

This is a fun installation if your yard is quite spacious. Simply roll out a large tarp or thick plastic sheet on a flat surface. Lay some foam pool noodles down each side in parallel lines and secure with Velcro, duct tape, or anchor pins. Drizzle some dish soap, let the water run from the hoses, and get ready for lots of squealing and splashing!

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