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Hiring a moving specialist is worth it

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Changing home or office address can be taxing.  You have to inform friends, the bank, your insurance company, and people you have to send documents or packages to that you have a new address.  You have to update your driver’s license.  You have to make an inventory of your possessions.  Those who are downsizing donate or sell some items.

That’s why it’s wise to hire professional movers.  They take a lot of burden off your back. Yes, you have to spend for their services.  But every good thing has a cost.  This one’s worth it.

Here’s why:

  • Moving specialists do the heavy lifting for you 
  • Lifting and moving heavy furniture can cause back strain and other injuries. Professional movers are trained to lift heavy items from Point A to Point B.  They can safely lug Aunt Martha’s antique piano down three flights of stairs.   Leave the heavy lifting and moving to them.  

  • Moving specialists save time
  • Professional movers have the right truck, the correct tools, and proper resources. You need not spend extra time correcting mistakes due to wrong decisions, like renting a vehicle that can end up too small or too big for your needs. Moving companies also inform you of the date and time they will deliver your belongings. And of course, they can carry boxes with fragile items more confidently than you can.

  • Moving specialists are expert packers
  • Speaking of which, moving specialists are expert packers. They know how to pack your valuables so they can be transported safely. Let professional movers do the work.  

  • If they break or lose it, moving specialists pay for it
  • Licensed movers offer insurance options in case your valuables break or get lost during the moving process.  They are accountable for every item you entrust to them. 

  • Moving specialists take the stress away
  • Moving is stressful. You have boxes to check, items to keep and discard, clutter to stow away.  Saying goodbye to long-time neighbors and uprooting yourself can exact a heavy toll on your emotions.  Entrust some of the things on your plate to the pros so you can have more time for things that matter – catching up with long-time friends one last time, assuring the little ones they’ll make new buddies in their new school, and familiarizing yourself with the place you’re moving to.

  • Moving specialists are cost efficient
  • Renting tools and moving equipment, paying friends to lift boxes and furniture, buying bubble wrap, packing tape, boxes of different sizes, floor coverings, and marking pens require time and money. By taking the burden off your back, professional movers help you spend your money the cost-efficient way.

  • Moving specialists are long distance experts
  • Moving from one state to the next requires a special permit. A licensed mover can take care of this.

  • Moving specialists offer extra services
  • You can get add-ons like cleaning and trash or debris disposal services. 

  • Moving specialists employ the trained drivers 
  • Trained, experienced drivers use the van lift gate properly.  Qualified movers have dollies, furniture pads, and other equipment to transport cargo, and even that vintage bicycle you inherited from Uncle Jake.

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