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Making your rental home in La Quinta more energy-efficient

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The recent move toward energy efficiency among homes has been gaining ground, not just for the savings this brings to homeowners but also for the benefits this brings to the environment. So, whether the home you own in La Quinta is your primary residence or one of the rental properties here, you stand to gain from making your property energy-efficient. Even your rental’s guests will thank you for this effort as this translates to improved comfort and convenience for them.

If you own real estate in La Quinta, CA that you use as a rental, here’s how to make it more energy-efficient without breaking the bank.


Replacing incandescent bulbs with LED light bulbs is a low-cost, highly-efficient way of saving energy and money. Compared to incandescent light bulbs, LEDs use 80% less energy, emit less heat, and have a long lifespan. Maximizing natural light for the interior of the rental property provides significant energy efficiency. Adding some skylights or light shelves allows natural light to come in and provides solar heat to your living space.


Building an extra layer of insulation is one of the easiest upgrades to make a home energy-efficient. According to the US Department of Energy, good insulation could cut down monthly heating and cooling costs by up to 15%. Moreover, providing good insulation keeps your rental home comfortable even during seasons of extreme temperatures like in summer and winter. Most insulation improvements focus on the attic, ceiling, exterior walls, crawl spaces, and basements. Sealing leaks around windows and door frames also work to keep external temps from affecting indoor temps.


Programmable thermostats decrease energy consumption by automatically adjusting the cooling and heating systems in living spaces. Also known as smart thermostats, this automated solution is perfect for rental properties as this takes away the effort of having to manually adjust temperature settings just to get indoor temperatures right. Plus, these devices can be programmed remotely via your mobile phone or smart speaker and can be integrated into the home’s network of automated systems.


Window screens reduce the heat from the sun during warmer months. Less heat makes the indoors comfortable and reduces the usage of air conditioning. During winter, window screens lock the heat inside, resulting in less heating costs.  Adding window screens is a good option for both homeowners and those owning rentals who want to decrease energy usage on a budget.


Some plugged-in appliances and electronic devices such as microwave ovens, televisions, laptops, and mobile phone chargers tend to consume what’s termed as “phantom energy” even when not in use or in sleep mode. You can stop phantom energy consumption by plugging them onto specialized power strips. These power strips can reduce standby electricity consumption by up to 20%, essentially translating to savings on your rental home’s electric bills.

There are many smart power strips to choose from but it’s important to look for models that are specifically designed to reduce phantom energy. A similar energy-saving device would be a surge protector that prevents current spikes from destroying your plugged devices while reducing energy use at the same time.

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