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Managing the guest reviews of your vacation property in La Quinta, CA

Managing the guest reviews of your vacation property in La Quinta, CA

With 95% of customers reading online reviews before deciding to purchase anything, it’s safe to say that good reviews play a huge role in the success of any business. Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone, and once in a while, a client will leave a negative review for all the world to read.

But having a negative review isn’t necessarily a bad thing for owners of La Quinta vacation homes. What matters is the way you respond to reviews. Here are 6 of the best tips for managing negative reviews that every business will eventually receive.

  1. Respond promptly and professionally

    As soon as you come across a negative review, address the issue right away. . Make sure to reply to the review within the day. Read the review carefully and get to the heart of the matter. Hold yourself accountable, avoid placing blame, and offer a solution. Let the reviewer know that you’re going to look into their complaint and do what you can to resolve the issue so it doesn’t happen again.

  2. Give your response a personalized touch

    When it comes to replying to bad reviews, generic responses are a no-no. Make sure to craft a custom response that shows you empathize with their plight. Statements that display genuine attention and concern not only help diffuse negative emotions, they can even generate customer loyalty – not just from the aggrieved customer, but also from other customers reading your reply.

  3. Keep your emotions in check

    Don’t confuse a personalized response with getting personal. Remember that it’s a negative review about your business, and not about you directly, so don’t take the comments personally. Before you type your response, take a breath and compose yourself. Whether the complaint is justified or not, you should never take a negative review to heart because you could end up writing a response that you could eventually regret.

  4. Provide an explanation without making excuses

    Some issues require explanation. If you must explain something to a client, provide the facts plainly. Check that your tone isn’t defensive. For example, if a guest complains that your towels are not immaculately white, you might say that you are using an eco-friendly alternative to bleach that does minimal harm to people and the environment. Be honest in your response and don’t make excuses.

  5. Encourage the reviewer to reach out privately

    Avoid turning the conversation into an endless thread. Keep the interaction short and sweet, and let the reviewer know that you are open to discussing the issue in detail using their preferred mode of communication, whether it’s email, text, instant messaging, or social media. Even if the guest doesn’t actually reach out, the important thing is to show potential clients who might come across the bad review about your willingness to resolve the issue.

  6. Be appreciative

    Any kind of feedback can be useful in improving your services and growing your vacation rental business. Thank the reviewer for their criticism, and show your appreciation for giving you the opportunity to make things right. Above all else, follow up with a negative reviewer and update them about the improvements and solutions you’ve applied to show them that their complaints were heard.

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