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Most instagrammable spots in La Quinta

At La Quinta, there’s so much to enjoy, from the picturesque golf courses to the fantastic architecture, all of which bask in the glorious Californian sunshine. Why not share some of your best moments in this gem in the Coachella Valley desert? To brighten up your instagram we’ll run you by the top five spots for great pictures. 

Luxury Golf Course


Head down to Old Town La Quinta , the perfect spot to shop, dine, and also take some fabulous photos. This downtown area has a relaxed village charm but is bursting with vibrancy and color.

Zoom in for a closer look at the spectacular architectural details on the buildings. Take a “casual and candid” photo of you walking by the lovely and inviting boutique shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes. Almost every turn is an opportunity to take a snap. 


The La Quinta Museum is worthy of a visit itself, of course, but it’s the tile stairs leading up to it that are perhaps the most Instagrammable section. It’s especially attractive for the color that can be captured under the radiant desert sun. 


Picture this: bright green fairways, silver blue lakes, and red, rocky mountains all in one frame. This is exactly what you will find in the PGA West, which also happens to be the “Western Home of Golf in America.”

Whether you’re there to play a round of golf or you’re only there to relax and take some shots, you’re still going to have a great time either way. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from doing both.  


This one’s hard to miss, but just in case, be on the lookout for an 18-feet-tall and 12-feet-high Roadrunner art piece at the Traffic Circle on Jefferson & Avenue 52. Originally created for the 2014 Coachella Festival by the artist Don Kennell, the Roadrunner statue now stands as a proud member of the La Quinta community.

This towering bird is almost prehistoric in size and while it’s made of metal it eerily has a very lifelike feel about it. Take a pic, upload and see what others have to say.  


La Quinta X Park can be both a perfect place to capture interesting shapes and landscapes pics or the place to snap images of extreme motion. The grounds itself is snapworthy but add the balletic poses of someone performing a move on a skateboard and you have something beautiful and kinetic. Wait for the sunset, you’ll be glad you stayed to catch the golden hour. 

La Quinta is beautiful and the desert only adds to the unique charm of this vibrant and colorful city. Many have loved the place so much that they’ve moved here, and once you get here, you’ll see why. 


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