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Palm Springs Summer Survival Guide

Most residents of La Quinta love the weather and the lifestyle in Palm Springs. It’s sunny all year round and residents can make the most of the climate with great outdoor activities. That being said, the height of summer can reach temperatures of around 110℃. And while you may like the great outdoors, many will seek ways on how to keep cool during the summer months.

Hit the pool

You don’t need a neighborhood guide to know there’s no shortage of resorts and pools in Palm Springs. So beat the weather by enjoying it by the poolside. Lounge with a cool drink and when you feel the need, take a dip before returning to your still cool beverage. Be sure to apply the right protection against the sun with sunscreen that protects against ultraviolet rays. It’s also a good idea to wear some protective headgear, which can only enhance your poolside look.

If you go to some of the better resorts, it’s likely you’ll have access to some fantastic spa services. You really can make a full weekend of it and pamper yourself and the family while the weather is hot.

Get outdoors early

One of the reasons for living in Palm Springs is to take advantage of the outdoor activities the area affords residents. Of course, during the height of summer, activities such as hiking may seem out of the question but reconsider. Get up early and enjoy Palm Springs as you may not have seen it. Take a walk or a hike before sunrise and time your hike to get home just before it gets too hot and you’ll be rewarded with a cool fresh morning activity that ends with you getting home to your aircon at just the right time.

Embrace the weather

a man portioning blended fruits in small containers

There is no getting away from the fact that it’s hot outside and if you have a family, tempers may flare and bickering could break out. Why not turn the weather to your advantage and get everyone involved in making cool and refreshing snacks and desserts that everyone can enjoy. Yes, you could buy some ice cream, but this is nowhere near as fun as getting everyone to make it. If you don’t like ice cream, refreshing cool drinks that help keep you hydrated are even better. Get creative, and make a big deal of this fun family activity. Then when all the preparation is done, get everyone to the porch or balcony and enjoy the fruits of your collective labor.

Pro Tip

As we look to cool ourselves from the heat outside, it may be tempting to lower our aircon to very low settings. Some may want to make their homes ultra cool and set their room temperatures to 18 degrees celsius. This is probably too cold and will hammer your energy bill throughout the summer months. A better setting would be 24 or 25 degrees celsius>. This will not only keep your energy bills reasonable, it will also make going out less shocking for the times when you have to. The idea is to be comfortable while normalizing yourself to the weather outside.

Surviving the summer in Palms Springs doesn’t mean waging an all out war against the heat. It should be more about being smart about how you handle your indoor and outdoor activities.

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