Top Home Improvement Projects for 2024

Top Home Improvement Projects for 2024

Opendoor's 2024 Home Decor Report states that the average American is expected to spend $5,635 on home remodeling projects this year. This goes to show how much value owners place on their respective homes to keep them in their best form.
If you are part of this statistic, you’re probably wondering where to start. It pays to do your research on design trends to find out which one is on the rise and which one will be stepping back. From there, you could build your idea for a great home improvement project and see how much you’re willing to allot for it.
With that, here are some of the top home improvement projects you could try for your La Quinta luxury home:

Natural Wood Finishes Are Back

After so many years, it seems that the glory days of painted-over wood are over. According to the 2024 trend report of National Kitchen & Bath, wood grain and other natural finishes are increasing in demand compared to previous years. This is part of a much larger design trend that involves the use of natural materials and organic, imperfect patterns in design.
To apply this in your home, start by stripping off old paint from your kitchen cabinets, sanding the now-exposed wood, and then treating it with natural wood stains to bring out the grains.

Quiet Luxury Is In

Aside from being the “in” thing in fashion, quiet luxury has also made its way to interior design. To achieve this old-money look, you could replace your furniture with classic-looking pieces that won’t look dated even after several seasons have passed.
You could also rock this look by investing in decorative elements that evoke the aesthetics of time-honored luxury, such as marble and porcelain. You may also add molding to some parts of your home to add more charm.

Colored Tile Work is in Season

The Houzz 2024 Home Trend Report mentions how many homeowners are now experimenting with colored subway tiles in their homes – a complete 180-degree turn from the pure white tiles favored during the last few years.
According to design experts, homeowners who aren’t fully on board with the trend may start by experimenting with this style in a spare bathroom or powder room. These much smaller spaces won’t command the same level of attention as other living areas like the main living area or kitchen.

Say Hello to Colored Walls

Neutral colors used to be the favorite recommendation for the home by style experts but all that has changed recently. The trend for this year is bringing life to both indoor and outdoor spaces through the use of brightly painted or wallpapered walls.
If you’re still unsure of this trend, experts recommend easing yourself into the new style paradigm by adding wallpaper borders around doorways, windows, or the perimeter of a room. This adds drama and character to otherwise boring walls.

Invest in Outdoor Living Areas

If you have the space and the budget, you could embark on a project that could potentially be a game changer for your La Quinta luxury home: constructing an outdoor living area. Not only is this one of the most value-boosting home upgrades but this also makes your space more functional and inviting. Consider adding a deck or patio to your backyard and furnish it with sturdy outdoor furniture that could withstand the elements.
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