Housing Assistance La Quinta, CA

Housing Assistance La Quinta, CA

California has some of the most expensive property in the US and by extension, the world. This is not to say that there isn’t affordable housing to be had in the state. Even then, those on low and moderate incomes will still find difficulties in being able to own their own home, or pay their monthly rent. Areas like La Quinta, CA are just some of the areas that provide different housing assistance programs that make it easier to own a home or pay rent.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is a nationwide body that is charged with working with local authorities to provide homes to all residents of the locality. In La Quinta, CA this means, working with Public Housing Agencies that provide different programs to cover the different requirements of those who require assistance.

Buying a property

The La Quinta Housing Authority offers a program that assists in the buying of homes for sale in La Quinta, CA. To receive assistance to buy a home in an area like Watercolors Development you will need to meet certain criteria and be bound to certain regulations.

Minimum requirements

First off, applicants must be in a financial position to qualify for a loan and be able to pay a 3% down payment from their own funds.

Low income applicants

An applicant must also be within a certain income bracket. If you are applying as a low income single person household, your upper limit income must not exceed $37,550. This rises to $42,900 for 2 persons household income, $48,250 for 3, and $53,600 for a household income of 4 people.

Moderate income applicants

If you are applying as a moderate income household you must fall within these income brackets.

Number of Persons Minimum Income per Household Maximum Income per Household
1 $37,551 $54,600
2 $42,901 $62,400
3 $48,251 $70,200
4 $53,601 $78,000


The buyer must live in the property and is not able to sell the property for an agreed number of years. If the buyer does wish to sell the property, the resell price will be agreed upon in coordination with the Housing Authority. These are some of the restrictions placed in order to stop house flipping, profiteering, and to follow the philosophy of providing quality housing to as many residents as possible.

Renting assistance

Public Housing Agencies can also assist people having difficulties with paying rent. Housing Choice Vouchers not only provides assistance with paying rents for low income families, they also allow for a certain amount of flexibility in terms of where a family chooses to reside. As usual, there are criteria that must be met, namely that families applying must be earning less than 30% of the median income for the area. Other contingencies may include items such as passing a criminal background check.

Housing and accommodation is one of the most pressing concerns facing Californians. However there are initiatives and programs out there to assist and alleviate any difficulties buyers and renters are experiencing.

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